SRM Consulting was founded as Pembroke Strategies in 2003 by Steve Marchand.  Steve had recently completed several years working in a variety of fields – as an auditor of local, county, and state governments across the country; as the Northeast Regional Director for the non-partisan, budget-watchdog Concord Coalition; and as a campaign director for a New Hampshire gubernatoiral campaign.

Through this diverse background, Steve realized that there were three fundamental skills needed to turn ideas into practical progress:

1)  The ability of leaders in the public, private, and non-profits sectors to identify their priorities, the most efficient means of moving towards those goals, and the measurement tools needed to figure out what is working;

2)  The ability to research and understand public policy issues, identify the best practices of your competitors and peers, and discover new and better ideas.

3)  The ability to take new and better ideas, and make necessary but difficult decisions, and have the political and strategic skills needed to turn great ideas into real accomplishments.

In other words, organizations of all stripes need to take good policies, and make them good politics. 

Too often, consulting firms specialize in either developing good ideas or determining how to strategically communicate an idea…but not both.  Steve saw this gap, and in both his professional career and time in public service, he has successfully blended these concepts.

For non-profits, The Marchand Group will develop an in-depth, practical fundraising plan designed to increase your donor base, with the goal of sustainable, long-term growth.  We’ll also help you develop a strategic communcation and business plan, identifying who your real competition is for branding, funding, and volunteerism.  Finally, we’ll lead your staff and board of directors through the difficult but necessary conversations focused on your core mission, the outcomes that matter most, and instituting proven methods of measuring performance regularly.

For political campaigns, The Marchand Group’s Managing Director, Steve Marchand, has been recognized as one of the best political strategists in the country by such entities as Politics magazine, which named him one of America’s 25 Rising Stars of 2008.  Steve has managed and/or served in a senior advisory role for gubernatorial, congressional, and presidential campaigns, and was a well-regarded candidate for the US Senate during the 2008 cycle.   Our strong reputation for effective fundraising, voter analysis, communications strategy, public policy education, public speaking refinement, and field operations comes from years of demonstrable success.  From local government (Steve served as the youngest mayor, at age 31,  in New Hampshire),to presidential campaigns, we will maximize your performance.

For those in the private sector, we can help you understand the legislative process at all levels of government, from land use ordinances and commercial real estate negotiation at the local level, to the public policy debate and process at the state and federal levels.  We have developed a dense network of relationships across New Hampshire, and throughout New England, crossing party lines.  We can help establish your business in a community, and help you connect with leaders in the community who you need to work with to grow.